Landscape Ecology

Integrating Wildlife Conservation with Landscape Ecology

Integrating wildlife movement ecology and landscape structure

Our work aims to improve landscape management (thinking beyond the patch) through the integration of wildlife spatial ecology and landscape structure.

Photo by Iris McFarlin

Prairie Strips

Precision Conservation

Creating ‘win-win’ solutions for agricultural producers and natural resource conservation

Our focus is to create opportunities for agricultural producers to maximize whole-field profitability while reducing impacts on our natural resources (e.g., reduction in soil erosion, water runoff, etc.). Our inter-disciplinary research team strives to integrate agronomy, economics, human dimensions, precision agriculture, and spatial modeling to benefit the larger society in agricultural landscapes.

Photo by Omar de Kok-Mercado

Deer in agricultural field

Wildlife Conservation in Agricultural Systems

Improving wildlife and habitat management through quantitative modeling

We provide science-based evidence to improve wildlife and habitat management in agricultural landscapes.

Photo by Grace Schuster