• Applied Wildlife Ecology
    and Spatial Movement Lab

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  • New Study: Wild Turkey Ecology
    in Western Nebraska

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    Merriam turkeys
    Kayli Newkirk
  • Precision Conservation

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    Aerial Prairie STRIPS
    Omar de Kok-Mercado
  • Landscape Ecology & Wildlife Conservation

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    Nebraska Agricultural Landscape
  • Wildlife Management in
    Agricultural Systems

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    Researcher in the field

What Motivates Us

Over the last half century, the Great Plains grassland ecosystem has experienced a dramatic conversion from intact grassland to crop production. While the intensification of agriculture has led to increased production levels, there have also been negative effects to the ecosystem such as a loss of biodiversity. We believe that agriculture and conservation do not need to be competing interests and can coexist. We strive to find innovative ways to balance wildlife and ecosystem conservation with the needs of farmers and ranchers in a predominantly agricultural state.

Research Focus

At the AWESM Lab we study wildlife and habitat management from individual land parcels to entire landscapes in agriculturally-dominated areas. We approach our research in a variety of ways, including spatial modeling, observational and experimental studies, and human dimensions.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide applicable science to help landowners and management agencies balance the needs of agriculturally-dominated landscapes and create healthy, robust ecosystems.