Morgan Register - MS Student

Morgan Register graduated in 2022 with her Master's in Natural Resource Sciences with a specialization in Applied Ecology in the School of Natural Resources. She joined the Applied Wildlife Ecology and Spatial Movement (AWESM) Lab in fall 2020 researching farmers and farmland owners’ views on targeted conservation practices. She had previous undergraduate experience dually studying Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology as well as Agricultural Sciences at NC State University. Her long-term goal includes working in the public interface to interconnect conservation efforts with private land. She strives to find ways to provide communication and education of our natural resources to individuals to encourage an environment for growth in the adaption of conservation practices. Her research interests include Agriculture, Human Dimensions, Wildlife Conservation, and Fisheries..

Morgan was also a part of the Human Dimensions lab within the School of Natural Resources, led by Dr. Chizinski.

Research Projects

Constraints to Precision Agriculture Adoption