Alli Barg - PhD Student

Allison Barg joined the AWESM lab as a PhD student in the School of Natural Resources in summer 2021. She received her B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife from UNL in 2016, and an MS in Wildlife Conservation and Management from the University of South Wales in 2020. She has worked on a variety of wildlife conservation projects with species ranging from sea turtles and snapping turtles to bats and polecats. Her interests include spatial and landscape ecology, predator-prey interactions and human dimensions of wildlife. Allison’s PhD research in conjunction with Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is focused on pheasant space-use within the agricultural landscape of eastern and central Nebraska, in order to identify and prioritize suitable habitat for targeted conservation efforts. Her long term goal is to use ecological research to develop solutions that allow humans and wildlife to co-exist within multi-functional landscapes.

Research Projects

Identifying and Prioritizing Habitat for Pheasant Management