Why Donate to the AWESM Lab?

Donate now to improve wildlife and habitat management research and extension activities in agricultural landscapes

Your financial contribution will help improve wildlife conservation and management efforts in Nebraska and beyond. For example, funding will help undergraduate and graduate students advance their research and extension efforts and engage various audiences on the importance of natural resource conservation in agricultural landscapes.

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Zach Hess

Zach: "This research lab to me was the opportunity to gain realistic experience and hardship in the field that one would typically lack in their coursework."

 Grace in Field at Sunset

Grace: "Helping us conserve Nebraska's natural environment not only enhances biodiversity but also protects our state's rich heritage for future generations."

Morgan Register in car

Morgan: "The opportunity to pursue my Master's in the lab has not only challenged me to grow but has also given me a chance to immerse myself in the atmosphere and community that is within Nebraska. My experience is not only marked by my intellectual accomplishments, but by my peers and mentors, whom I interact with on a daily basis. The lab provides an atmosphere that encourages collaboration and inspiration from those surrounding you."

Kaitlyn Dozler at lake

Kaitlyn: "This lab has helped me expand my horizons far beyond a typical undergraduate college experience, I have gained knowledge, confidence, friendships, and professional connections that will help me excel in my future endeavors! "